14 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs | Your Guide (2023) (2023)

14 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs | Your Guide (2023) (1)

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Rohan Jotwani

Former Chief Resident in Anesthesiology, Weill Cornell Medicine, & Admissions Officer, Columbia University

Reviewed: 03/03/23

Nursing offers amazing job opportunities with varying requirements for education, certification, and skill-levels. Wondering which jobs come with the best paychecks? Keep reading to learn more about the highest paying nursing jobs in the US.

Nursing is a noble and rewarding career that requires hard work and dedication. For those who strive for career advancement, certain specialties offer a promising path. By gaining additional expertise, nurses can move into higher paying jobs to take their careers to the next level.

Read on to find the answer to the question, “what are the highest paying nursing jobs?”

Highest Paying Nursing Jobs

Here are the 14 highest paying nursing jobs. Keep in mind that the highest ranking jobs on this list often involve more demanding and challenging work. But don’t let that discourage you! If you’re up to the challenge, these careers can be incredibly rewarding.

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Why are Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) the top-paying nursing job?

As a CRNA, you'll be part of a dynamic healthcare team that includes anesthesiologists. Together, you'll prepare and administer anesthesia to make sure surgeries go smoothly. It’s a demanding but rewarding role that requires a high level of skill and expertise.

CRNAs make a median annual salary of $195,610. The position requires you to obtain a master’s degree in Nurse Anesthesia and complete the NBCRNA exam to meet the necessary medical standards to begin practicing. The career outlook for CRNA is extremely bright, with a projected 45% over the decade.

2.General Nurse Practitioner

General Nurse Practitioners operate as entrepreneurs in the nursing industry since practitioners often start or own their practice. They typically go into forms of primary care, such as family practices, pediatrics, and urgent care private businesses. However, nurse practitioners also find work at a hospital or private practice not owned by them.

General Nurse Practitioners earn a median annual income of $120,680. You’ll need a Master of Science in Nursing and a state-specific practitioner’s license to start this career path. The job outlook for NPs is extremely bright, projected to grow 45% over the decade.

3. ICU Nurse

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurses work in a high-pressure environment, providing care for critically ill patients who are often in life-or-death situations. Given the intensity of the job, ICU nurses are among the highest paying nursing jobs for their skills and the high demand for their services.

As the name suggests, these nurses work for hospitals in the ICU and other departments as needed. On average, ICU Nurses make $120,243 annually. New nurses start on the lower end of the pay scale but earn more with experience.

ICU Nurses don’t need any education requirements to advance into the position but should strongly consider being CCRN certified. ICU Nurses are in constant demand, which reflects positively on their job outlook.

4. Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse

Similar to an ICU Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care (NIC) Nurses are stationed in intensive care units, but care specifically for newborns and babies. NIC Nurses work in various locations, from general hospitals and birth centers to different types of private practices.

NIC Nurses make $118,586 on average annually. To become a full NIC Nurse, you must earn a neonatal nurse designation as a Registered Nurse (RN). The career has a strong outlook due to technological progress increasing the job’s significance.

5. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

If you’re more interested in the mental health side of healthcare, becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) could be the right choice. PNPs work to treat mental health disorders and related addictions. You’ll find them in facilities like hospitals wings, clinics, and agencies dedicated to psychiatry and treatment.

As one of the highest paying nursing jobs, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners average about $113,114 annually. PNPs must attend an accredited program for a Master’s in the Science of Nursing and earn a state license. With the rise of mental health awareness in America, the demand for PNPs has grown, giving them a bright career outlook.

6. Certified Nurse Midwife

Becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife is the fastest track for a nurse to jump into obstetrics. As a certified Midwife, you’ll work with OB/GYNs in clinics or hospitals, serving women from pregnancy to delivery.

Certified Nurse Midwives make an average annual salary of $112,830. To become certified, you must go through the American Midwifery Certification Board to earn the designation. Certified Nurse Midwives have a promising career outlook, expecting 45% growth over the decade.

7. Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) are nurses that have earned a master’s degree to work exclusively within a specific clinic or hospital department. As healthcare experts, CNSs can diagnose and collaborate with patients on their treatment plans as healthcare experts. They often conduct research and offer advice on the operation and management of their hospital.

Clinical Nurse Specialists make an average annual salary of $112,267. They need a Master of Science in Nursing and must specialize in their field through the program. Like the rest of the healthcare industry, Clinical Nurse Specialists have a bright career outlook.

8. Pain Management Nurse

As a specialization, Pain Management Nurses work with post-operation and chronic pain through illness. Guiding patients through their pain is the primary role of PMN. They often work with a team of nurses on their patient's treatment or recovery. Expect to work a lot with seniors as a Pain Management Nurse.

Pain Management Nurses earn an average annual salary of $110,420. RN must gain experience and work towards certification to become Pain Management Specialists. However, they do not need a master’s degree. These nurses are a part of a favorable job market, as there will always be a need for pain management in healthcare.

9. Registered Nurse First Assist

Registered Nurse First Assists, or RNFAs, take point as the head nurse behind the doctor during surgery. Their skill set calls for a substantial perioperative understanding. The need for RNFAs can be situational, depending on the structure of the hospital and the number of doctors.

RNFAs make an average annual salary of $101,890. Register Nurses must undergo advanced perioperative training and average 2,000 hours before certification to become an RNFA. The demand for RNFAs is growing, giving this nursing job a positive outlook.

10. Nursing Administrator

Nurse Administrators are the presiding manager over the nursing staff at their healthcare facility. They work throughout the healthcare industry and handle all their employees' financial planning and human resource duties.

Nursing Administrators make an average annual salary of $101,890. The requirements include a Master’s in Nursing Administration and state licensure. The Nurse Administration career has a projected growth of over 32% by the end of the decade.

11. Family Nurse Practitioner

Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) are licensed healthcare professionals who provide various services, including diagnosing and treating illnesses, ordering diagnostic tests, and prescribing medications. They collaborate with physicians to provide patient care.

Family Nurse Practitioners earn an average annual salary of $98,041. To become an FNP, nurses must earn the board-certified designation. The career outlook expects to grow 45% by 2029, showing a promising outlook.

12. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner

Gerontological Nurse Practitioners specialize in providing care to the care of the elderly and addressing age-related health problems. They find employment at most major medical facilities, often at nursing homes and retirement communities.

The average annual salary of a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner is $90,391. To become a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, you'll need a Master’s in Nursing and appropriate certification. Modern medicine has enabled people to live longer, increasing the population of older patients and giving the GNP a positive career outlook.

13. Nurse Educator

The least stressful job on this list is the Nurse Educator. This job involves teaching students and training other nurses on the most current research, techniques, and medical advances.

Nurse Educators make an average of $82,040 per year. Educators require at least a master’s degree, but they’ll often hold a doctorate as a college professor. Currently, there is a shortage of nurse educators, so if you’re thinking of stepping back from patient care to education, it’s a great time to do so.

14. Informatics Nurse

If you have computer science skills, becoming an Informatics Nurse is the perfect way to join the healthcare industry. Informatics Nurses meet the modern tech needs of hospitals by managing medical record databases and information.

The average salary of Informatics Nurses is $79,531 per year. They can work in various healthcare settings, most notably in medical record companies. Informatics nurses are in high demand, and the field continues to grow as healthcare adopts new technological solutions for record keeping.

Highest Paying States for Nurses

Healthcare will always need nurses. Recruitment remains competitive, and nurses will typically relocate for job offers. The highest paid nurses earn more depending on the need for in-demand positions, which varies by state.

Below you’ll find the top-ranked states with the highest median annual income for nurses. Note that annual income reflects the average salary of an RN in that state.

14 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs | Your Guide (2023) (2)

The data here reflects two trends. Nurses see more demand in high-population cities in states like New York, Nevada, and California. The other trend explains the need for more nurses in isolated states with high populations of living seniors, like Hawaii and Oregon. The listed states offer more pay to nurses to ensure recruitment.

California sits at the top of the ranking for several reasons. The dense urban area in the state's Southern portion creates a high demand for nurses. More people means more demand for healthcare services, making California the state with the highest paid registered nursing jobs in the US.

Highest Paying Industries for Nurses

There’s a high demand for nurses in industries outside of healthcare. Depending on your educational background, you may be able to expand your career options by changing industries.

Below you’ll find the average pay income for nursing in different industries. Note that the average income looks at national numbers.

14 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs | Your Guide (2023) (3)

Each industry offers jobs for nurses that are non-typical roles. Listed below are some examples.

Non-scheduled Air Transportation

The non-scheduled air transportation industry offers a unique career as a Flight Nurse. Patients in critical conditions occasionally need transportation by air to ensure they receive timely treatment. Flight nurses oversee the patient during that air time while managing the challenges of providing healthcare mid flight.

Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing

Not interred in healthcare? Try a Nursing Career in Pharmaceutics. Nurses work as researchers, educators, consultants, and salespeople in this industry. Rather than providing for patients, you’ll ensure that the drugs used to treat them are safe for consumption and ready for market use.

Federal Executive Branch

The US Executive Branch offers various nursing opportunities through federal agencies, the military, and healthcare facilities run by the Veterans Health Association and the Department of Human and Services Health. These job opportunities can be found on USAJOBS.

Nurses can also become a part of the military. After becoming an RN, you can contact a recruiter and start the application process. As a military nurse, you'll have the chance to provide care to troops while serving at military bases across the globe.

Office Administration Services

Nurse Administrators may pursue job opportunities outside of healthcare. They can work in clerical roles at medical billing facilities, insurance companies, specialist clinics, and nursing homes. In these positions, they use their medical knowledge to understand patient needs and requirements while performing various administrative tasks.

FAQs: Highest Paid Nurses

Below, you’ll find common questions about the industry’s highest paying nursing jobs.

1. Which Nurses Make the Most Money?

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists make the most money, earning an average of over $190,000 yearly. Their role requires highly educated experts to meet the demands of proper surgical anesthetic management.

2. How Much Do the Highest Paid Nurses Make?

The salary for the highest paid nurses can range from over $100,000 to close to $200,000 annually. Factors such as location, experience, specialty, and education can impact earnings.

3. What Is the Easiest Nursing Job That Pays Well?

It is difficult to definitively determine the easiest nursing jobs that pays well, as it can vary based on several factors such as location, employer, level of experience, and education. However, some nursing positions that may offer a good balance between ease of work and compensation include nurse educators and administrators.

These roles typically involve less direct patient care and more work with students and other healthcare professionals, but still require a strong foundation in nursing knowledge and skills.

4. What Nursing Positions Have the Highest Job Satisfaction Rate?

The best jobs for nurses that report high job satisfaction include nurse educators, home health nurses, midwives, OR-perioperative, and pediatric nurses. However, keep in mind that job satisfaction is subjective and can be influenced by factors such as work-life balance, job security, salary and opportunities for advancement.

5. What Are the Most Difficult or Skill Intensive Nursing Jobs?

The most difficult and skill-intense jobs in nursing are the ones with a unique specialization and or high-stress work environments. These include Certified RN Anesthetists, ICU, Operating Room, and Psychiatric Nurses.

Final Thoughts

Starting as an RN is a solid foundation for a career in healthcare. If you're interested in exploring some of the highest paying nursing jobs, many of these roles require specialized certifications and designations.

Some of these positions may be demanding, with high stress environments, but also offer distinction and compensation that can be attractive to many nurses. It's important to consider the unique requirements and challenges of each role, and determine which career path is best for you.

Best of luck in your nursing journey!


14 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs | Your Guide (2023)? ›

The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist consistently ranks as the highest-paid nursing career. That is because Nurse Anesthetists are highly skilled Registered Nurses who work closely with medical staff during medical procedures that require anesthesia.

How to make $100,000 a year as a nurse? ›

  1. Become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) ...
  2. Become a Nurse Practitioner (NP) ...
  3. Become a Nurse Midwife. ...
  4. Advance in Nurse Leadership. ...
  5. Begin travel nursing assignment. ...
  6. Change Nursing specialties. ...
  7. Relocate to a higher paying state. ...
  8. Make sacrifices.

What nursing position is highest paid? ›

The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist consistently ranks as the highest-paid nursing career. That is because Nurse Anesthetists are highly skilled Registered Nurses who work closely with medical staff during medical procedures that require anesthesia.

Can nurses make 200k? ›

In the last 2 years, I have made an extraordinary amount of money – for a nurse. In fact, my income level of more than $200,000 puts me in the top 0.01% of nurses in this country AND the top 2% of wage earners in the entire state of Pennsylvania. I made every cent of this income by working as a NursePreneur.

Will RNS get paid more in the future? ›

If 2020 was the year of the nurse, 2021 and 2022 should be “The Year of the Nurse Pay Increase” due to the expansive increase in nursing salaries. Labor statistics show the current median RN salary in 2022 is $77,600 or $37.30 an hour. This salary is an increase from 2020, which was $75,330 or $36.22 an hour.

Can a nurse make $500,000 a year? ›

Reeves said new nurses can make up to $500,000 by the age of 27, if they follow her step-by-step guide to success. “Want your life to look like mine? Then listen up,” she said on TikTok. “I don't think my life's that cool, but I am proud of what I've done to get where I'm at, so listen.

What type of nurse makes 6 figures? ›

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists earn a median salary of $195,610 per year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, making it the top paying nursing specialty. CRNAs typically work 40 hours per week, making the hourly wage average out to approximately $94.04 per hour.

Where do the smartest nurses work? ›

Case in point, within all general areas of nursing, the Medical ICU, Trauma ICU, Peds ICU, Neonatal ICU, are perceived to require the highest skill set of nurses.

What is the burnout rate for nurses? ›

At least 25% of nurses have been experiencing burnout symptoms. This includes things like stress, anxiety, depression, and other forms of emotional exhaustion. Additionally, many of these nurses also face depersonalization and a diminished sense of professional achievement. 85% of nurses experience career fatigue.

What is the highest degree you can earn in nursing? ›

What is the highest level of nursing? The highest level of nursing education is the doctoral level. Positions that require doctoral nursing degrees include certain types of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), as well as leadership positions such as chief nursing officer or director of nursing.

How can a nurse become a multi millionaire? ›

Here are some ways for nurses to make extra money:
  1. Work the night shift.
  2. Pull an occasional extra shift.
  3. Keep up with your certifications.
  4. Add additional certifications to your resume.
  5. Work in critical care areas (ER or ICU)
  6. Work as a travel nurse.
  7. Earn an advanced degree.
  8. Move into management.
Jul 27, 2021

How rich can a nurse be? ›

Registered nurses (RNs) in the U.S. earned a median annual wage of $77,600 as of May 2021, the most-recent data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the highest earning RNs earn more than $120,000 each year.

Can a travel nurse make 250k a year? ›

Even with the decrease, travel nurses can make nearly $200,000 per year, assuming a weekly rate of $3,080.

Why are RNs leaving the profession? ›

Another recent report by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing found about 100,000 registered nurses left the profession since 2020. More than 600,000 intend to leave by 2027 due to stress, burnout and retirement.

Will nurse pay increase in 2023? ›

The amount of increase depends on the facility, but a 3-5% raise is standard. In addition to annual pay increases, more hospitals and employers are offering sign-on bonuses to nurses, particularly in areas experiencing acute shortages.

Are nurses considered middle class? ›

As with other Nursing career options, the APRN salary can range depending on certifications, specializations, advanced education, years of experience, and demonstrated skills. With that salary level, the APRN is in the Middle-Class status range.

Who makes more money than nurses? ›

While both nurse practitioners and doctors can enjoy the benefit of great incomes, doctors make almost twice as much as nurse practitioners. In fact, according to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, doctors typically earn an average annual salary of about $200,000 or more.

Can I become a millionaire as a nurse? ›

Yes, many nurses can become millionaires by following some simple steps. For starters, nurses should strive to increase their income, manage their expenses, and save and invest some of their money. It's not easy (otherwise, everybody would be millionaires), but it's doable.

How to make 300k a year? ›

If you want to earn a high salary, look at some of the jobs that pay $300,000 a year to the top earners.
  1. Radiologist. ...
  2. Chief executive officer (CEO) ...
  3. Chief financial officer (CFO) ...
  4. Principal software architect. ...
  5. Obstetrics and gynecology physician. ...
  6. Emergency medicine physician. ...
  7. Psychiatrist. ...
  8. Physician.
Mar 10, 2023

What is the hardest job as a nurse? ›

The most stressful nursing jobs include ICU nurse, ER nurse, and NICU nurse. In these roles, nurses work in an intense environment with high stakes. They manage emergency situations and care for critically ill patients. Other stressful nursing jobs include OR nursing, oncology nursing, and psychiatric nursing.

What is the most qualified nurse? ›

What is the highest level of nurse? The highest level of clinical nursing is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), which is a nurse-midwife, nurse practitioner, certified registered nurse anesthetist, or clinical nurse specialist.

What do the top 10 percent earn in nursing? ›

The median annual wage for registered nurses was $77,600 in May 2021. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $59,450, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $120,250.

Which nurse is most in demand? ›

What type of RN is most in demand? All RNs are in demand more than other occupations. The BLS projects 6% job growth for all RNs between 2021 and2031, compared to 5% job growth for all occupations. Some specialties that are in especially high demand are neonatal nursing, surgical nursing, and critical care nursing.

Which type of nurse is most prone to burnout? ›

Critical care nurses tend to suffer the highest rates of burnout. Critical care specialties include the emergency department (ED) and intensive care unit (ICU). Emergency department nurses tend to experience the highest rates of burnout.

What are the top 3 causes of nurse burnout? ›

Some of the most common reasons for nurse burnout include long work hours, sleep deprivation, a high-stress work environment, lack of support, and emotional strain from patient care.

How many nurses are projected to quit? ›

According to data published in Nurse.com's 2022 Nurse Salary Research Report, 29% of nurses across all license types considering leaving in 2021, compared with 11% in 2020.

What is the fastest nursing degree? ›

The fastest way to become an RN is through an RN diploma program, which can be completed in as little as a year. While completing this program does not lead to a degree, it does make the individual eligible to take the NCLEX and earn their RN license.

What major is better than nursing? ›

For those who are interested in more behind-the-scenes work, or who want to explore their options in healthcare, health science is a great alternative major to nursing. A health science degree can lead to many different careers, from a healthcare administrator to medical biller and coder.

What is the fastest bachelor degree for nursing? ›

What is the fastest I can earn a nursing degree? Online RN-to-BSN programs are some of the fastest nursing programs available. Many full-time students complete such a program in one year.

How can I make money fast as a nurse? ›

The 12 best side hustles for nurses
  1. Offer telehealth care.
  2. Pick up extra shifts.
  3. Provide child and elderly care.
  4. Transcribe medical records.
  5. Tutor nursing students.
  6. Answer online surveys.
  7. Give health coaching.
  8. Become a travel nurse.
Feb 18, 2023

How can a nurse make extra money from home? ›

How to Make Money Online as a Nurse
  1. Online Surveys. ...
  2. Start a Nurse Blog. ...
  3. Tutor Nursing Students Online. ...
  4. Online Teaching. ...
  5. Freelance Nurse Writer/Medical Writer. ...
  6. Proofreading Articles and Written Content. ...
  7. Doing Small Tasks. ...
  8. Get a Work From Home Nurse Jobs.

Are nurses considered rich? ›

Highest-paying states for registered nurses

California tops our list of the highest-paying states, where registered nurses make $124,000 per year on average.

Are travel nurses rich? ›

How Much Money Do Travel Nurses Make? Under normal circumstances, many travel nurses have the potential to earn over $3,000 per week. Travel nurses can bring in over $50 per hour, plus company-paid housing accommodations. Making it entirely possible for travel nurses to make well over $100K per year.

Where is the best place to be a nurse in the world? ›

Norway, a Scandinavian country known as the land of Fjords, has one of the highest standards of living in the world as well as job satisfaction for nurses. While the average salary is $46,050, nurses have the ability to earn upwards of $100,000 depending on experience and specialty.

Are nurses financially stable? ›

The healthcare industry is one of the most stable industries, making nursing a great career choice for those looking for job security. Nurses are essential workers and their skills are always in demand. Whether there is a recession or an economic crisis, the demand for nurses will always be high.

Why is travel nurse salary so high? ›

The demand for nurses and other health care professionals skyrocketed during the pandemic, which led to a greater need for travel nurses. And that unprecedented demand also helped drive extremely high salaries for travel nurses.

Which state pays the most for travel nurse? ›

5 Highest Paying States for Travel Nurses in 2022
  1. 1. California. In 2022, it's no surprise that California is still the highest paying state for travel nurses. ...
  2. Hawaii. Hawaii may just be the dream destination! ...
  3. Massachusetts. ...
  4. Oregon. ...
  5. Alaska.

Why are nurses getting paid so much? ›

Nurses are in high demand

This also means that nurses have a great number of choices in terms of where they want to live. The medical field in general has many roles that are in very high demand, and as a result, the pay for these roles is often good.

What age do most nurses retire? ›

At What Age Do Most Nurses Retire?
  • 7% of both women and men retired at age 63.
  • 8% of women and 7% of men retired at age 64.
  • 11% of women and 13% of men retired at age 69.
  • 9% of women and 6% of men retired at the age of 70 or beyond.
Aug 4, 2022

What is the average career length of a nurse? ›

Why is it that the average RN career length is only nine years? Incredible Health.

Why do new grad nurses quit? ›

Unsafe working conditions. Many nurses are leaving the profession because they feel that they are unsafe in some way or another. Whether it is the patient population they feel unsafe from or the working conditions they have to endure, it is hard to get someone to stay at their job if they feel unsafe.

What is the nurse update for 2023? ›

2023 nursing healthcare trends will be led by the fallout of a momentous nursing shortage and growing technological changes. 2023 should also bring a renewed focus on nurses' mental health, wearable medical devices, and a rise in virtual medicine.

Will RNs get paid more in the future? ›

If 2020 was the year of the nurse, 2021 and 2022 should be “The Year of the Nurse Pay Increase” due to the expansive increase in nursing salaries. Labor statistics show the current median RN salary in 2022 is $77,600 or $37.30 an hour. This salary is an increase from 2020, which was $75,330 or $36.22 an hour.

Is there a nursing shortage 2023? ›

The percentage of nurses who said they were satisfied with the quality of care they provide also decreased from 75% in 2021 to 64% in 2023. About 94% of those surveyed said there was a severe or moderate shortage of nurses in their area, with half saying the shortage was severe, per the survey.

What is upper class salary? ›

What Is Middle-Class Income?
Income groupIncome
Low incomeLess than $52,200
Middle income$52,200 - $156,600
Upper incomeMore than $156,600
Feb 27, 2023

What is considered a rich salary? ›

Based on that figure, an annual income of $500,000 or more would make you rich. The Economic Policy Institute uses a different baseline to determine who constitutes the top 1% and the top 5%. For 2021, you're in the top 1% if you earn $819,324 or more each year. The top 5% of income earners make $335,891 per year.

What is the salary of upper middle class? ›

Many have graduate degrees with educational attainment serving as the main distinguishing feature of this class. Household incomes commonly exceed $100,000, with some smaller one-income earners household having incomes in the high 5-figure range.

Can nurses make 7 figures? ›

USC's Online Master of Science in Nursing Program

Registered nurses (RNs) in the U.S. earned a median annual wage of $77,600 as of May 2021, the most-recent data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the highest earning RNs earn more than $120,000 each year.

Can a RN become a millionaire? ›

Advice for Creating Wealth

Each method has the potential to generate a million dollars over time. However, the best strategy is to build your portfolio and utilize these strategies to build wealth. Many nurses can become millionaires by saving enough money in their retirement fund monthly and minimizing debt.

How to make six figures as a travel nurse? ›

12 Tips to Make $100K as a Travel Nurse
  1. Be flexible. ...
  2. Get certified in a speciality field. ...
  3. Find your own housing. ...
  4. Work with the best agencies. ...
  5. Work with multiple agencies. ...
  6. Maintain multiple state licenses. ...
  7. Sign-up for rapid response staffing. ...
  8. Communicate with your recruiter.

Are nurse anesthetists rich? ›

California average nurse anesthetist salary: $227,290.

How come nurses make so much money? ›

Simplifying it All

One of the easiest ways to explain why a registered nurse makes so much is to think about supply and demand. The higher the demand for highly skilled and trained registered nurses, the more they will receive. In turn, it leads to higher salaries and incentives.

Do nurses have side hustles? ›

Nurses can make extra money from side gigs such as telehealth care, freelance medical writing, and tutoring nursing students. You may also choose a side hustle that isn't based on your nursing skills, such as making and selling crafts on Etsy, completing online surveys, or playing legit game apps that pay money.

How to be a rich travel nurse? ›

10 Ways to Boost Your Travel Nurse Salary
  1. Choose a High-Paying Specialty. ...
  2. Seek Professional Certifications. ...
  3. Obtain a Compact License. ...
  4. Work in Higher Paying Locations. ...
  5. Don't Be Afraid of Overtime. ...
  6. Work Weekends and Holidays. ...
  7. Be Smart About Housing to Make the Most Money as a Travel Nurse.
Jan 23, 2023

How can a nurse make money from home? ›

Today, there are many ways nurses can work from home.
  1. Telehealth Nurse. Telehealth is becoming much more popular today and can easily be a full-time career. ...
  2. Medical Surveys. ...
  3. Nurse Blogger or Health Writer. ...
  4. Medical Transcription. ...
  5. CPR Instructor. ...
  6. First Aid Instructor. ...
  7. Teach or Tutor Nursing Students Online. ...
  8. Health Coach.
Mar 20, 2023

What travel nurses are in highest demand? ›

What state needs travel nurses the most? According to Travelnursing.com, California has the highest need for travel nurses, and this will continue until 2030. California has specific laws regarding safe nurse-to-patient ratios so there will always be an increased need for nurses.

How much is overtime for travel nurses? ›

Any hours you work over the contracted amount are simply a benefit (and increased revenue) for the travel nurse agency. Most companies will offer you time and half of your base rate (minus any tax-free amounts) for overtime.

Is it harder to be a travel nurse? ›

Travel Nursing is one of the most rewarding experiences, but it also comes with hard work, long hours, flexibility, and the ability to adapt quickly to a lot of things.


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